Grimm Reapers Chapter 1:The Man With The TatooEdit

Grimm Reapers

Chapter  1

The Man With The Tatoo

By: Jordan Joel Evans


-At School During 8th Period, The BloodBorn King Sits In The Front Row Of Mr. Havays Class Listening To His Boring Teacher Havay Preach About The Lesson. Beside Him Sat A Mysterious Girl With Short Hair And Wore The Usual School Uniform. Jordan Wears His Grey School Uniform Under His Jet Black Leather Jacket That Went To His Knee Caps. He Also Had On Black Jeans And A Belt Which Had A Weird Symbol On Its Belt Buckle. The Girl Beside Jordan Frequently Asks Havay The Page Number That The Class Was On But The Teacher Simply Ignores Her Causing Her To Become Louder And Ask A lot More. Jordan Hears Her Constant Questioning And Begins To Get Annoyed…-

Mysterious Girl: What Page Are We On?



`Jordan:[Why The Hell Does This Girl Keep Asking Havay The Page Number When There Are A Bunch Of Student That Are On The Exact Same Page Number That She Can Look On To See?]

Mysterious Girl:What Page Number...

-Jordan Stands Up With His Text Book Pointing To The Page Number In The Book Angrily-

Jordan: Hey We’re On This Page!

-The Mysterious Girl Looks Up At Jordan-

Mysterious Girl: Oh…Okay Thanks…

Jordan: Yeah…

-Jordan Sits Back Down In His Seat And Takes Off His Leather Jacket Revealing A Sleeveless Version Of The School Uniform. On His Shoulder Bore His BloodBorn Seal Which Resembled A Tattoo. The Girl Looks Over In Shock Due To The Discovery She Just Made.-

Mysterious Girl: [No Way! That Cant Be What I Think It Is…A BloodBorn Seal? I Thought “He” Was The Only One To Have A BloodBorn Seal…Could This Student Be A BloodBorn? Or Maybe Even The BloodBorn King?]

-Jordan Notices The Girl Staring At His Shoulder-

Jordan: hmmm?

-The Girl Quickly Looks Away And Jordan Goes Back To Reading The Text Book. A Few Minutes Later, The Girl Tries To Start A Conversation With Jordan To Get More Information Out Of Him.-

Mysterious Girl: Hey…Uhhhh I….Whats Your Name?

Jordan: Uhhh Why?

Mysterious Girl: Just Tell Me…

Jordan: Jordan…Jordan “BloodBorn” Evans

Mysterious Girl:[I Knew It! He Is A BloodBorn!] Hi My Name Is Lachada Johnson…You’re my New Best Friend…

Jordan:!?!?! Best Friend? [What The Hell Is Wrong With This Chick? She Doesn’t Even Know Me And She’s Calling Me Her Best Friend?]Okay Sure?

Lachada: So Is That A BloodBorn Seal On Your Shoulder?

Jordan: Yeah…All BloodBorns Have Seals On Their Shoulders

Lachada: Ohhhhh

Jordan: But Im Special…

Lachada: Special? How Come?

Jordan: Because This BloodBorn Seal Is The Seal Of The BloodBorn King

Lachada: So You Really Are Him…

Jordan: The One And Only…I’ve Fought The Nemesis Suidoken, I’ve Unlocked All The X-Factor States And I’ve Even Saved The World 6 Times…But Now…My Powers Are All Locked And I Cant Access Them For Shit…

Lachada: So Your Basically Human Now?




Lachada: Me And You Are Gonna Be Great Friends

-Lachada Smiles At Jordan And Jordan Gives A Nervous Smile Back-


-The Bell Rings And The Chapter Ends…-



Next Time In Grimm Reapers Chapter 2…

Jordan: You Really Want To Be My Friend?

Lachada: Yeah

Naricka: Awww I see You Jordan

Jordan: Wait What Are You Talking About? No Its Nothing Like That…

Lachada: Don’t You Think Being Human Is Boring? What If I Could Change That?

Jordan: Change…Me? Just What Do You Mean!?

Next Time! Grimm Reapers Chapter 2!