The Raven's Symbol

The Raven

The Raven Is A Mercinary Squad Designed By Jordan "BloodBorn" Evans To rack Down And Kill John "BloodBorn" Evans lll. It Was Originally Organized For A 4-Man Cell But Changed Once Jordan Relized That There Were More Enemies Trying To Keep John Safe.


Jordan "BloodBorn" EvansEdit

Jordan "BloodBorn" Evans Is The Leader Of The Infamous "Raven" As Well As The Founder And Creator. He Originally Wanted "The Raven" To Consist Of A 4-Man Cell Of: Mekkih,Carlos,And Tatyona; But This Soon Changed After His Little Conflict Against Eli, Ethans Older Brother. After His Uncles Death He Decides To Attack The Suidoken High Council Alongside "The Raven".After Leaving Most Of His Comrades Behind To Fend For Themselves, He And Tatyona Confront Tsuku Which Results In Jordan Cutting Tatyona In Half For Getting In The Way Of His Revenge.He Later Revives Tatyona And Reforms The Team After Speaking With Marcus "BloodBorn" Evans.Somepoint After Closing His Suidoken Gate,Jordan Disbands "The Raven" But Later Reforms Another Team Called "The Raven ll" With New Members, And Soon After That He Formed "The Raven lll" With All Members From Both Previous Teams During The War Of Revelation.

Mekkih "Carolina" SlaterEdit

Mekkih "Carolina" Slater Is The 2cd In Command Of "The Raven". Jordan Decides To Keep Mekkih Because Of His Talent To Manipulate Unspiritual Metal And Water As Well As Speaking With Suidokens Through Mental Transmissions.He Weilds The Axe "Hercules" Which Was Once Weilded By His Great Great Grandfather And The Blade "Cronos" Which Was Once Weilded By A BloodBorn Superior. When He And The Other "Raven" Members Attack The Suidoken High Council, He Is Left Behind To Fight Jordans Grandfather,James Oates Sr.,He Is Later Thrown Into Prison Along With Carlos,Casiona,Leon,And Jymir But Escapes And Reunites With Jordan To Reform "Raven" And Help The Other Suidokens Defeat Philip "BloodBorn" Evans,Kuro Jordan "BloodBorn" Evans,And The Nemesis Suidoken.After "Raven" Disbanded Mekkih Joined The Military. He Later Joins "The Raven lll" In The War Of Revelation.